Weather Information in XML
    Important Note:
   You will need a browser that supports XML or an XML editor to view the schemas and bulletins here. Such products include Microsoft Internet Explorer and XML Spy.
   While you can read the XML weather bulletins on this site with web browsers, they are designed to be used by information systems (computers). Please consult your Information Technology divisions / sections / units on how to integrate weather information provided herewith into your systems.
   Please refer to the following links for the lists of weather icons and warnings:
  Weather Icons for Local Weather Forecast and 9-Day Weather Forecast: English | Chinese
Warnings: English | Chinese
   For the update schedule of the XML bulletin, please click here. Please note that this schedule is for reference only and any intermediate updates in between the scheduled time could be possible.
   For administrative issue, please contact:
Ms. Leung Ka Yan
Tel.: 2926 3105
   For technical support, please contact:
Mr. CHOW Tak Hing Mr. CHEUNG Kai Kwong
Tel.: 2926 8493 Tel.: 2926 8480
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